“Submissive Women …” now exclusively on Kindle

My collection of short stories, “Submissive Women and Other Tales” is available here.

A review can be found here. A quote, ” … his style is excellent … I had a pleasant afternoon.”

Some random passages from my stories:

“She read on with mounting shame, as if everything that Cleo did in the book, Claire had done in reality. The physical description was accurate – although surely she was “beautiful” (at least at moments) and not just “very pretty” – and it was a bit flattening to be described as “witty for a woman”.”


“Politely, she invited me over for a cup to tea. I had detected no great enthusiasm, and I knew that whatever crush she had once had on me had surely gone as soon as I saw what she had on. She wore shorts and a blouse and sandals from doing some gardening outside the small flat or apartment the university had given her to rent as a graduate student. Even in those days, I could tell at a glance that she was not interested. There was something about her that was gone too, some freshness that I had remembered.”


“So he did. She walked naked back towards the house itself, and then turned. Her right hand was hanging down; and then she seemed to point between her parted legs for a moment, before going inside.”


“In fact, he slowly realised, she looked exactly as he had imagined her if he had got his way. Her hair looked like it had been cut short, roughly, into the bob he would prefer and she was wearing a short skirt. Confused and surprised as he was, he still took in the fact that her legs were almost as shapely as he had imagined them. But instead of being in the park, she seemed to be in a derelict building, on her own. And her eyes were red, as if from crying.”


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