Audrey for Christmas


(Above) Carolyn Farina poses on a park bench in New York, shortly after appearing as “Audrey Rouget” in Whit Stillman’s comedy-of-manners “Metropolitan” in 1990.

The events in Metropolitan happen at Christmas in New York.

Left to Right below: Carolyn Farina, Whit Stillman and Dylan Hundley (who also appeared in the movie) at the time of the recent 25th Anniversary of the film’s release:


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It is remarkably hard in my experience to sell Kindle books on Amazon, but this one of mine below has sold a bit. It includes pictures of the actress and a detailed analysis of her strange career, together with some general musings on success and failure in life:

“Whatever Happened to ‘Audrey Rouget’?”



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  1. Posted by Julian O'Dea on December 18, 2015 at 1:30 am

    Here is quite a cute tune called “I Wanna Be Audrey Rouget”.

    The singer mispronounces “Rouget” as “Roget” but it is a likeable tune.

    I asked the band said about this:

    and got this reply, “Well thank you. Mr. Moe Megman [the drummer] insisted it was pronounced Roget – I told him Whit Stillman’s [fans] would laugh us out of town.”


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