Prim is good

I noticed a woman clearly off to the office for the day, and I thought, she has a nice shape but I really shouldn’t be seeing so much of it. She wasn’t crudely dressed by normal standards; and women have always shown off their bodies a bit more than men; but I just thought it was not really suitable.

It also dawned on me that my wife had never dressed like that, even when she was a young woman. She sometimes says that she has always dressed modestly, and I have thought it was just cute, but now I know what she means. “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”, really isn’t good advice.

They say introverted men are more conservative in this respect. Maybe that is it.

(I have often felt that I am an introvert living in a society increasingly designed by and for extraverts.)

In any case, I wrote on this topic recently (Women’s legs: less is more) and this article from the perhaps partly tongue-in-cheek Stepford Wives organisation includes a good point about The Eroticism of Prim and Proper Dressing:

” That the affluent homemaker’s uniform remains so compelling may have something to do with its undercurrent of eroticism, one that stems from a sense that the woman wearing it is a woman owned. ”Inside that presexual-looking girl in her lime-green twin set is that fully grown woman to whom only her husband has access,” said Eric Mendelsohn, a filmmaker, former costumer and professor of film at Columbia. ”When do these women look like fully realized sexual beings? When they are in private with their husbands.” “

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