Leonardo’s two women


I have never been big on the cult of Leonardo. I am not disputing that he was a wonderful artist and highly observant. He was one of those people (I wish I were one) who can “think with a brush or pencil”. I once read Bertrand Gille’s The Renaissance Engineers, in which the writer situates Leonardo among his contemporaries as an engineer, and attempts to cut him down to size. My mother reviewed the book for the local paper, and disagreed with Gille. Modern scholarship would probably agree with my mother. Leonardo really was exceptional.

Was Leonardo a homosexual? He was accused of it in his lifetime, but apparently such accusations were common ploys to discredit enemies. The last I read, he liked women. Michelangelo was the homosexual.

I originally thought the image above was a painting, but it appears it is a photograph. If you want to see the girl turn around, here is more on her:

“The American model signed her first contract in 2008 and becomes pregnant the same year. In an unusual situation for an early professional, she sets her career aside to give birth and take care of her newborn son. In 2010, she returns to modelling, bearing a new brunette bob …”


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