Women’s legs: less is more

I have written before about why high heels make a woman’s legs attractive.

Previously, after looking at some of the main theories on how high heels “work”, I concluded in a comment:

“It is abundantly obvious that many of these theories miss the point, simply because the main sexy effect is on the shape or lineaments of the legs. I suspect that 99% of the effect is due to the way in which they enhance the curves of the thighs and calves.”

Women seem to know this almost instinctively, and even when they are not wearing heels, they will stand so as to create some leg curves:



In fact a woman can achieve a pretty good effect with just her calves on display with subtle curves created by heels, under a moderate length skirt:







Blade Runner (1982)Directed by Ridley Scott Shown: Sean Young (as Rachael)

Blade Runner (1982) Directed by Ridley Scott Shown: Sean Young (as Rachael)



Below is Rachael’s entrance in the movie Blade Runner. Her skirt is quite long, but she looks stunning from top to toe:

7 responses to this post.

  1. Sean Young in Blade Runner. Excellent example.


    • Yes, I should probably have included the scene where she first walks in. In fact I may add it now.

      I noticed a few days ago how attractive women’s legs (calves) can look in modestly long dresses and skirts.


  2. Evil, misogynist Julian O’Dea is oppressing the little ladies with his objectifying! Shame on you!

    Sorry, I had to. 😛


  3. […] any case, I wrote on this topic recently (Women'slegs: less is more) and this article from the perhaps partly tongue-in-cheek Stepford Wives organisation makes a good […]


  4. […] What I wrote on this before. […]


  5. Ay, nye, mate. Legs are better viewed when you can see some thigh.


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