So, I open my copy …

… of the October 2015 issue of Fortean Times (FT331), a magazine for nerdy British men interested in fringe (or Fortean) topics, which is also available here in Australia. It deals in UFOs, cryptozoology, conspiracy theories, cults, that kind of thing; all in that inimitably British way.

And what do I find but a remarkably crude cartoon about heterosexual anal sex (on page 69 if you have access to a copy).

I was stunned when I saw it.

I had a funny feeling about this magazine. It is still good harmless fun, mostly, and quite scholarly in its own way. But it has been a bit “off” lately, as if the editorial policy has subtly changed. A couple of little feminist flourishes in recent issues; some coverage of the weirder sexual perversions in the latest issue; that kind of thing.

Perhaps I read too much into this, but Fortean Times has never previously been that kind of magazine. It does lend support to my suspicion that things like anal sex are being deliberately “mainstreamed” by the media.


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