Whatever happened to …

… “Audrey Rouget”?

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This book is attracting readers. It is 99 cents on Amazon Kindle.


This book has also attracted readers:


(Not as lurid as it looks: Also 99 cents at Amazon Kindle.)

Even this one has attracted the odd reader:


(Philosophy is more expensive. $1.02 at Amazon Kindle.)


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  1. “What the Cast of Metropolitan Looks Like Today”



    Carolyn Farina (who played “Audrey Rouget”): still a pleasant-looking woman.


  2. I’m happy to hear that your books are attracting readers. My own books are unfortunately too niche to gather many readers – the tendency in the technology world is to write ad-supported blogs, rather than full books. Even then, a lot of people release the books they write on a “donateware” basis (e.g. https://leanpub.com/artofdatascience).


    • Sporadic would be the kindest description for my sales.

      I had a five star review on my Submissive Women and Other Tales, but it unaccountably disappeared.

      I find the best way to get readers for anything remotely academic is to post articles on Academia.edu. They seem to get some steady readership from people who are presumably seriously interested …

      Like so.

      I am in the top 3% of people on Academia.edu, but that is largely because of my bimbo interview.


      • “I had a five star review on my Submissive Women and Other Tales, but it unaccountably disappeared.”

        My understanding is that Amazon has begun clearing out reviewers it suspects as being “fake” (or fraudulent, as the case may be). If the reviewer of your book happened to be caught in that action, then all of their reviews would have been deleted. I suppose it’s true of most review sites, particularly ones with high(er) esteem placed on reviews.

      • It was funny because the guy gave his reasons why he had read my stories – he had actually commented here on my (cough) slight obsession with the charming actress Carolyn Farina (see the book on her by me above, which somebody did read from e-cover to e-cover I think recently). That led him to read my book of stories, and he clearly had read them from his comments.

        But maybe he got caught in a sweep.

        It was weird. I just assumed he had changed his mind about his review.

  3. Just as an aside, could you change my blog address in my comments to “simulacral-legendarium.blogspot.com”? (I transferred the linked blog to someone else years ago.) Thanks.


    • I think I have managed to do this for your recent comments. I can change the others as I find them.


      • Thank you. It appears to have started after WordPress made some updates on October 3rd. (I’ve been quite busy the last while – it seems I’ve made only a few comments with the wrong link.)

  4. You can see the review here: http://tvoh.blogspot.com/2015/10/review-of-submissive-women-there-is.html

    Some small problems with Amazon caused me to remove my reviews.


  5. A cute tweet (I am sure that “Tom Townsend” will always seek “Audrey Rouget”):


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