Friday night round up

I don’t generally suffer much from “writer’s block”. In fact, my tendency is towards logorrhea if anything. (There is a joke told of Isaac Asimov, the prolific and generally excellent science and SF writer, that he once suffered from writer’s block – it was the worst 15 minutes of his life.)

Anyway, it is Friday night, and I feel like writing, but I can’t think of a real, you know, topic. So I shall just present a short miscellany of links and comments – a mark of a writer short on ideas, I know.

A note on the passing of Willis Carto. I didn’t know much about him, except that his “Liberty Lobby” got mentioned in the Last Whole Earth Catalog, which I thought was generous and eclectic of them.

Poetry Girl being exceptionally acerbic.

A good article, but there is absolutely no reason to write “female actor”. There is a perfectly good existing term: actress.

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