Who does she belong to?

This really is very funny, and some of the bystanders think so too:

“Who bitch this is?!”:

H/t Chateau Heartiste.

Years ago I read one of those Christian “be a good wife” guides, and the female author wrote that she was on an army base where her husband worked, and she got hysterically upset about something – maybe a problem with her car – and people were running around asking “whose wife is she?” In retrospect, she found it funny.

Sometimes women will express a desire to “belong to” a particular man.

I also remember being on a fisheries management trip to a small port with two other fisheries officers. We were having coffee and some attractive matron walked by. “I wonder who she belongs to?”, one of my colleagues asked.

Another classic movie clip on the same theme:

“The crisis actor, a woman named Lauren Batchelder, was an audience plant working for Jeb Bush, the Republican establishment candidate for President.” Young feminist progressive Republican Lauren cuddles up to her male authority figure:


And young people are calling our new Australian Prime Minister, “Daddy”:

Story here.

The article says “young people” but it seems to be mostly young women who think of him as a “Daddy”. He is a moderate Right politician.

And I could point out that, if Hillary becomes the US President, it will in part because she is Mrs Clinton.

This previous post of mine is on a related theme.


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  1. Posted by Jim on October 15, 2015 at 5:18 am

    LOL! Yeah, I saw that first video awhile ago. A+ action by the black dude!


  2. Posted by Jim on October 15, 2015 at 11:39 pm

    Ha, tiny little thing isn’t she? 😉

    So really she’s just Bush’s slave girl doing the work of that shithead Bush. IMO Jeb is a worthless traitor.


    • Well, the classic case of this kind of feminism that looks to patriarchy would have to be that American female journalist who wrote something along the lines that she would “suck Bill Clinton’s dick to keep abortion legal”.

      Not too many men are independent thinkers. But almost no women. Most women are following or under the ultimate protection of some man.


  3. […] Another example of my previous point, “Who does she belong to?”. […]


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