“short haired scottish women”

A search that found my blog.

Perhaps the searcher had this kind of thing in mind:


As Flashman says in the novel: “The young [Scots] women are mostly great, genteel boisterous things who are no doubt bedworthy enough if your taste runs that way.”

There is nothing wrong with the solider kind of woman, so long as she isn’t actually fat.

Not sure why she comes up, but this is from the images one gets using that search string:


She seems to be part of this feature, Korte Kapsels, which apparently is Dutch for “short hairstyles”.


Here is my old, long post on short haired women and their special appeal.

I also found this picture:


It can be found in this article: “Are white women beautiful or is it society that makes them seem so?” A question to which the only reasonable response is: I’m sorry – what was the question?


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