“Without You”

Without You

The wind
played with
my hair
and lifted my dress;
i wished it were
your hand.

i swam nude
in the waves
at night;
i wished their
power was yours.

i walked home
wet and naked;
i wished the
stars were your
eyes instead.

by LucyP


5 responses to this post.

  1. After forty to fifty years of being told that women need men “like a fish needs a bicycle”, I have little sympathy for Feminism’s “Useful Idiots” like this one.
    All that I can say is in response to bad poetry like this is that I hope that her career and her cats keep her warm at night.


  2. beautiful poetry…
    fantasizing consciousness by vastness,sweetness,n MÉĹŤÍÑĞ IN ÜR WORLD


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