Another case of “female pope syndrome”

This describes another case of a woman (Maureen Mullarkey) who sits in judgement on the pope and seems confused as to her role in the hierarchy.

I have written previously about another Catholic laywoman who purports to correct the pope here.


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  1. Posted by Dash Riprock on September 30, 2015 at 1:01 pm

    Good on you in bringing this forward. I have been absolutely stunned by the response of the “conservative” media in the US to this Pope. The gloves have now clearly been taken off. Hopefully for loyal Catholics and other traditionalists this will cause the scales to fall from their eyes regarding their supposed “allies” on the right and in the Republican Party. The only loyalty these folks have is to unbridled, no holds barred capitalism.. A system that frankly has done more to destroy traditional values than Marxism and Fascism combined. Without the full throttle support of corporate America, feminism, abortion and gay “rights” would have been dead on arrival. Then this same “conservative” media harvested the justifiable outrage of those of us on the right and channeled it away from the these issues and toward issues like de-regulation and tax cuts, which serve only to advance the interests of a narrow sliver of the elite.. The Lord said two thousand years ago that you cannot serve God and Mammon. Why did we ever doubt Him.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on September 30, 2015 at 10:47 pm

      Yes, good points I think.

      My main point was that people seem quick to declare the pope to be in some sense “false” because he does not fully agree with their worldview.


    • Posted by Jim on October 1, 2015 at 2:33 pm

      “The only loyalty these folks have is to unbridled, no holds barred capitalism.. A system that frankly has done more to destroy traditional values than Marxism and Fascism combined.”

      You are mentally ill if you believe this.


      • Posted by Julian O'Dea on October 1, 2015 at 3:20 pm

        I don’t know. There is something in that opinion. It is remarkable to have watched National Review Online, as an organ of the mainstream right, over the years. They do seem to have pretty much abandoned all the social causes while sticking to the economics of the right. I gave up on them when they started accepting women-in-combat, and they have gone soft on issues like a realistic view of race and homosexual rights.

        It is also fair to say that many big companies have thrown their support behind all the fashionable social causes – from feminism to “gay rights”.

      • Posted by Dash Riprock on October 2, 2015 at 4:37 pm

        Nope Jim you’re wrong. Examine the facts with an open mind. Capitalism has been far more effective in destroying traditional values than the other isms because it has been so widely successful, particularly in the First World. Just do some comparisons. Which countries are today more amenable to traditional values, Poland or Sweden ? Hungary or Holland? And saddest of all Russia or America?
        I may be mentally ill but I’m also right on this point.
        And by the way I wouldn’t toss those kind of “insults” around at folks will nilly. Karma can be a bitch as they used to say back in the days of my misspent youth.

      • I would like to see your economic alternative to capitalism.

  2. Posted by Julian O'Dea on October 2, 2015 at 2:07 am

    One of my problems with these kinds of women is that they are not deferring to the most immediate male authority in their lives. Are they discussing these attacks on the pope with their husband or parish priest?

    It is pleasing and relevant to see this recent statement from the Bishop of Phoenix (Arizona):

    “Step up and lovingly, patiently take up your God-given role as protector, provider, and spiritual leader of your home. A father’s role as spiritual head of the family must never be understood or undertaken as domination over others, but only as a loving leadership and a gentle guidance for those in your care.”

    Some of the women attacking the pope seem to have husbands. Where is their husband in this matter, and is he acting as “spiritual head of the family”?


  3. Posted by Slumlord on October 2, 2015 at 11:13 am

    Julian, what I find most interesting here is the “trad” response to the current pope. One of the oft repeated arguments that the trads used against dissedents of Humanae Vitae is the they had to obey the Pope’s teaching because he had “authority”. I find it hilarious now to see them openly grumbling and dissenting against him because he is too liberal for “their” tastes

    I’m of the opinion that there arew two types of cafetria Catholics, those who like the savory (hard) teachings and those who like the sweet ones. They’re cafeteria Catholics all the same.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on October 2, 2015 at 12:16 pm

      Well, in fairness Humanae Vitae does have many of the marks of an infallible statement.

      But, yes, Catholics can’t have it both ways. The Church has a tradition of social and economic teaching which seems to come as a surprise to many people on the Right.

      Also, the pope is within his rights to teach in an everyday manner, and to be given a level of respect for that teaching, albeit he is not teaching formally.

      On Laudato Si, I have a copy but have yet to read it, but it seems well within a pope’s remit to teach on man’s stewardship of creation. He may be more or less correct on manmade global warming (I have some doubts) but on the general point about caring for creation, he is surely correct.

      As for the life issues, he is very good, although he does not constantly refer to these, and his visit to America appears to have followed the usual diplomatic niceties. Nevertheless, he is reported to have made some quite pointed visits in support of people who are following traditional Christian teaching.

      Also, I am bemused by Catholic women bloggers and commenters who would probably claim to uphold patriarchal norms while passing judgment on the Holy Father! I certainly have no objections to a laywoman (or man, of course) writing a respectful critique of this or that papal utterance, but not this kind of thing:

      You know, I don’t normally say this kind of thing, but if ever a woman needed a good stiff dose of manly “direction”, she clearly does.


      • Posted by Dash Riprock on October 2, 2015 at 4:56 pm

        Julian, yes absolutely correct. I think no one is more surprised by learning about the social doctrines of the Church than Catholic “conservatives”. In my conversations with other Catholic men the universal opinion seems to be that the Pope is making this up as he goes, and that JP 2 and Benedict were regular preachers of Reaganomics. That the Pope is simply continuing to amplify and gently expand upon more than 100 years of social thought that began with rerum novarum is lost on them. And I’m the convert and they had the benefit of a catholic education, usually including University!

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