Down by the Lake: a vignette

Like many courtships, theirs occurred in his car a lot of the time.

Things were going well. They had “clicked”. There was passion, and socially they made sense. He was a little older, a little smarter, and a fair bit more assertive.

She was responding like a woman, and their courtship had got to that phase where a woman feels a deep atavistic desire to submit romantically.

She must have been feeling this very powerfully one night, because after a short session of kissing and cuddling in his car, she suggested they drive down to a nearby lake, where they could get some real solitude.

It was a warm evening. He drove down to the lake.

“Well, here we are”, he sighed.

“I want you to take me out and smack me around.”


“I am really turned on and I want you take me somewhere quiet where nobody will see and hit me a bit”.

In a bit of a daze, he got out of the car, and she got out quickly too.

He took her into some bush between the carpark and the lake. Feeling like he was in a dream, or acting in a bad movie, he tentatively aimed blows at her head. They were fairly light and his heart was not in it. She had not done anything wrong. She was a good girlfriend.

He soon stopped and she seemed satisfied.

Later he reflected that she was probably at the peak of her sexual cycle and desperate. They both found that his spanking her sometimes was enough, as well as safer and just as satisfying for them both.

They rarely mentioned it afterwards. It was just one of those weird things.


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