People seem to like them

These stories seem to appeal to people. The reports show that people who start reading them, read the lot.

As I have said, these stories are not porn, but they are meant for adults. Some have romantic elements. Some have horror elements. Some have both.


Available here for 96 cents on Amazon Kindle.

A quote from one of the stories:

“He was halfway down the list of videos when he noticed something. The girl in that particular video looked just like the girl he had checked out that lunchtime. He looked more closely. She didn’t just look like her. It was her.

He was sure.

Perhaps she had taken part in a student film or some such thing, which had been uploaded to the Internet. Whatever it was, although it was clearly her, she looked very different from how she had looked at lunchtime, out in the open air of the small park.

In fact, he slowly realised, she looked exactly as he had imagined her if he had got his way. Her hair looked like it had been cut short, roughly, into the bob he would prefer and she was wearing a short skirt. Confused and surprised as he was, he still took in the fact that her legs were almost as shapely as he had imagined them. But instead of being in the park, she seemed to be in a derelict building, on her own. And her eyes were red, as if from crying.

There was some sound too, though it was barely audible.”


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