“The Last Trump”?

Another recent comment at The Social Pathologist blog:

“I don’t think Trump wants to advance white interests over others’ legitimate interests. I think he wants not to see white interests ignored in favour of illegal immigrants. The “illegal” point keeps being elided.

I genuinely believe, although perhaps I am being naive, that white men in America (and here in Australia under the recent Gillard government, which tried some of the divisive tactics of the American Left) would be grateful simply for equal treatment, including in the rhetoric. Albeit possibly with some recognition of the good things they have done historically as well as the less good; a recognition that they effectively created America in the material sense; and a recognition that they take on extra responsibilities under the military draft. And in providing for their families (I cannot count the number of feminist complaints about how men don’t do more housework that simply ignore the fact that men do the bulk of the breadwinning, although that is how women expect it to be and prefer it.)

To use an American expression, men can’t win for losing.

Many men seem a bit masochistic in this area, willing to cop all sorts of unfair abuse. I have NEVER seen the sense in that. Instead, I could see this problem (abuse of white men) as a problem that would only get worse. In some ways, I think Trump is the last hope for some kind of end to this. The self-abnegation of the other Republican candidates, as reported, is pretty pathetic. The Democrat males, of course, all got “fitted for their tutus” years ago, in Ann Coulter’s arresting expression.”


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