A recent comment

Something I just wrote here, at the Social Pathology blog. (I have edited it slightly.)

“I think some preference for one’s own people is consistent with Catholic teaching, at least traditionally. We are all one in Christ Jesus, Greeks and Jews, but we do not cease to be from our origins. Arguably each form of Catholicism: Irish, Italian, English, French, and so on: has brought something unique to the church.

A certain amount of ethnic identity – like an extended family identity – is natural to human beings.

What people are being asked to do these days is not simply accept others as part of the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God, to coin a phrase; but to almost prefer the Other to his own. That is manipulative.

Why, for example, should I want to see more Muslims in Australia, when a proportion of them will detest me, my family, and my beliefs?

As for “cuckservative” and Donald Trump, the time was ripe. I have watched with dismay as even the most conservative, “respectable” organs of opinion have slowly capitulated to every item on the progressive agenda. I gave up on National Review Online when they started accepting women in combat, for example.

I was thinking yesterday that sometimes a man has an idea, sometimes an idea has a man. Trump represents an idea and a feeling. The reason why Chateau Heartiste is so keen on him, and why the anti-cuckservative meme has so energised them and given them purpose, is that young white men in America in particular have legitimate concerns. I mean read, just read, that recent article on that (I hesitate to call him) man who wrote that anti-Trump article laying the boot into white men for their “failure” and positively gloating about it. With that kind of abuse, of course they are upset.

SP, you have I think suggested that feminism was built on genuine grievances. I have my doubts as to how serious they were, but let us assume that was true to an extent. Surely modern white men have serious grievances too. There is now official, vicious discrimination against men in America, much more malicious than anything women were anecdotally subjected to.

Imagine being a young white man in America, patronised by a shit like that older white male writer CH gave their recent “award” to. With the prospect (admittedly fading) of having that ghastly shrew Hillary Clinton as their president; lied to by the media about racial crime; discriminated against in the workplace in favour of women; and with the prospect of having to compete for resources with a mass of illegal Hispanic aliens. Of course Trump looks good. He is also the only candidate who has shown some balls in handling feminist journalists.

They fear being “cucked” (and as I have written before, they mostly are in the sense that the women they will eventually marry – and there is another source of grievance, the absurdly unfair divorce laws – will be very well-used indeed by other men before they ever see them.)

The whole of the culture hates young white men. In the circumstances, their revolt and their bitter language of “cuckservative” is long overdue. I am amazed that American men have put up with it all for so long.”

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