Interview with Carolyn Farina and others who made “Metropolitan” (1990)

Well, this is new and interesting:

I hope to take this on board, and then update my long post on Carolyn Farina’s career.

I may well “publish” my long post as an ebook or etext on Amazon, since I am learning how to do this, as my previous post shows.

LATER: A few points on the above interview:

Carolyn Farina’s accent in this interview, which I assume is her real accent, rather resembles that she used in her role as Janey Archer in The Age of Innocence, directed by Scorsese, a role which Stillman said she had handled well.

In this interview, Carolyn Farina looks better than she did in Whit Stillman’s “Damsels in Distress”, playing a waitress in a diner, “Carolina Antonucci”. I am not sure why, but her face looks much more relaxed and natural.

Stillman said he cast her as the waitress in the diner to show her range. He said he tried to cast her in this 1996 episode of Homicide: Life on the Street (which he directed), in the role of “Caroline Widmer” which went to Rosanna Arquette. Apparently they had trouble locating her to play the role:

Miss Farina said that being typecast was a problem for her after her role as “Audrey Rouget” in Metropolitan. She said that she believed actors are “born not made” and acting was the only thing she had ever wanted to do. But she had suffered from being only considered for “preppie” roles after Metropolitan.

Farina had “wanted to be inside the TV” as a child, playing in the shows, and she would act them out. Her mother put her into acting school. She and Dylan Hundley had both been exposed to an acting method called the Meisner technique.

All in all, quite an interesting interview, and Stillman has some very worthwhile comments on the nature of success.

I have written a lot on Carolyn Farina’s career. This new information has not radically changed my understanding of her. As I assumed, she was not simply “discovered working at Macy’s” as some stories have it. She had always wanted to be an actress, and had taken steps to become one.

She comes across as pleasant and thoughtful. She looks good for 51.

Stillman has made fitful attempts to boost her career, including trying to get her into the above-mentioned episode of a crime show. I have always wondered why she did no work in television, but it appears she was at least considered for such a role.

One general point is that, whereas previously I had been inclined to think that her problem in establishing a lasting career was her starting a bit too late at 26, I now suspect that the simplest explanation is that whereas she had initial good luck, there were no further lucky breaks. Certainly actresses have trouble finding work as they age, but she still looks presentable for her age and maybe something could even turn up in the future. As I said, she looks much better than she did in her last movie, Damsels in Distress, where there really was something odd about her appearance.

Incidentally, I have commented previously on this recent photo of the cast of Metropolitan:


I remarked that it looks phoney and I suspected some manipulation of the photograph had been done, focussing especially on the unfortunate shot of Carolyn Farina. But it is also interesting to compare Dylan Hundley in the interview above with her image in the photograph (she is standing over the woman in the red dress and to the left of Carolyn Farina in the photo – Farina being hard to miss because of her remarkable boobage – not something she has ever been famous for! – quite the reverse). Dylan Hundley clearly has a reddish complexion, as seen in the video, but she looks milky and pale in the Vanity Fair photo. Of course, this is the same magazine which did its darndest to make 65 year old “Caitlyn” Jenner look good. So they clearly have “skills” in this kind of thing. Although, perhaps I am being unfair …


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  1. […] there was a question and answer session held at the Lincoln Center in New York, which I discussed here. I also had some second thoughts about her career, which I outlined as […]


  2. […] there was a question and answer session held at the Lincoln Center in New York, which I discussed here. I also had some second thoughts about her career, which I outlined as […]


  3. Posted by Julian O'Dea on May 29, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    Since this post is one of the most recent references on my blog to the actress Carolyn Farina I shall add this appreciation of the film she starred in. I can’t remember citing it previously. I think it is fairly good as such things go.


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