Film Nostalgia

As a follow up to my previous post, I present a photo from a recent Vanity Fair article, supplied by a commenter here, Mark. The photograph shows the cast of “Metropolitan” (1990), directed by Whit Stillman, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the movie.

If you click on it, the photo enlarges quite well. (You know, I tossed up whether to say this, but this photo has a phoney look about it, especially compared with the next one down. It is not just that they are all so well-dressed. I suspect that there has been some photoshopping or other manipulation of the image. And, sorry to be crude, but if those are Carolyn Farina’s boobs, it looks like she has either had breast enhancement or some help from photoshopping. Her naturally very modest endowment was a plot device in the movie itself. I know that she is bending over in a low cut dress, but come on! A further point is that – whether that is her real bosom or not – she looks really tacky. The photographer should not have let her look so vulgar compared with the other cast members. A woman is expected to put on some display in a cocktail party dress, but not to have her tits half out of her dress like a silly floosie. Farina is 51 years old, for Goodness’ sake.)


“The cast of Metropolitan — Bryan Leder, Allison Rutledge-Parisi, Chris Eigeman, Will Kempe, Isabel Gillies, Dylan Hundley, Carolyn Farina, Ellia Thompson, Ed Clements (seated), Taylor Nichols—and the film’s director, Whit Stillman; photographed at the Players club in New York City.”

A more candid (and less glamorous) recent shot:


(I think that is Carolyn Farina fourth from the left.)

The pleasures of getting older include the delicious ironies that emerge as one surveys what could be called, in the words of the old radio program, “the passing parade”.

As the philosopher Kierkegaard said, “life is lived forward but understood backwards”. Or as the young female screen philosopher, “Audrey Rouget”, says in “Metropolitan”: ” … life is melodramatic if you look at the whole sweep of it … I guess few people’s lives match their own expectations.”

The Vanity Fair article is tactful and generous about what happened to the cast after the film was made: “Since 1990, they have all gone forth in the wide world racking up successful careers in everything from film and television to law, psychiatry, writing, and even the ministry.”

In terms of the acting world, however, most of them have been quiet. Isabel Gillies and Chris Eigeman have probably done the most; the former having appeared regularly on TV as Kathy Stabler, Detective Stabler’s wife in “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” and the latter still taking good roles in respectable films.

I have discussed some of their subsequent film careers in more detail here.

Here they were 25 years ago:



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