What is anal sex really like?

Why girls should never have anal sex.

I spoke to a knowledgeable male informant on this question. While I certainly agree that a woman should not have anal sex, I was curious to get his perspective, since he had told me he had anal sex with a girl he once went out with about two dozen times over a period of time.

Here are his comments on the above article and the issues it raised. (I have paraphrased a little to render his spoken remarks into written form).

“The article is partly true but contains some misinformation and dubious claims. First of all, I don’t see what is wrong with a man “wearing the pants” and having sex that reflects that. Many girls like you to lead. But ordinary vanilla sex is pretty male dominant. I mean vaginal sex should be enough dominance for a man, if he is doing it right, the way he wants.

The one thing I really agree with is that having anal with a girl makes vaginal with her less exciting for a while. Anal is quite psychologically and physically satisfying. It feels powerful, and a woman is tighter in that passage. Her rectum sort of grips your penis. By contrast, vaginal can lose its appeal, if only for a while.

As for really damaging the girl, the girl I was doing it to never complained. She never said anything about leakage of faeces. But the actual act can be messy. You tend to get a smelly penis and sometimes you hit faecal matter. Afterwards, there is a lot of mess and the girl has to go shower. I suppose it is all the semen, lubricant and perhaps air you pump into her. There are embarrassing moments.”


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  1. Posted by Larry on August 8, 2015 at 6:04 pm

    If the issue is all about the need to copulate a tight hole, a woman can do kegel exercises to tighten up her vaginal muscles, or she can use her lips and tongue better when performing oral. I think the reason many men prefer anal sex with women is that most women are too lazy to do kegel exercises regularly and they are too lazy to give better blow jobs and they are usually unwilling to give a hand job. Any girl that doesn’t like touching your penis isn’t worth keeping around.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on August 9, 2015 at 1:03 am

      I doubt it is about tightness so much as dominance. And the latter has become a problem because of the assertiveness of many modern women and the tendency to speak about and treat normal vaginal sex as nothing special. So men are tempted to something more clearly transgressive and dominant.

      Some recovery of the mystique of male dominance and female submission natural to vaginal sex would help, as discussed by “ContentWoman” here:


      Another point arising from the article I cited above, is that all the negatives about anal sex would also apply to homosexual anal sex. Normally that is a point that online journalists like not to mention, presumably for reasons of political correctness.


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