More Vignettes

A question that people sometimes asks each other is, what is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you, or who was the weirdest person you ever met?

Some friends told me that they were (foolishly) playing with a ouija board when a religious painting fell off the wall.

Another friend told me that once, when he was watching cricket, he had the strong premonition that a particular batsman would be injured by the ball. He was. He then had a further premonition that the same man would be killed by a delivery in a later game. In fact, the same man was later hit by another fast ball and nearly died in hospital.

And the weirdest person? I think it would have to be a young woman whom I never met, but who worked for a few years in my building. She used to dress exactly like a doll. Well, not exactly, of course; but with a lot of makeup, frou-frou party dresses, and so on. She was quite an attractive young woman, but the way she dressed made no sense. It was inappropriate for work and did not seem to be in fashion, even allowing for the odd things that come in and out of fashion for young women (there was a phase when all the little secretaries were wearing skirts shaped like fuchsia bottoms):


But it was not like that. She looked like she had stepped out of a time machine. From the future.

Anybody who wants more vignettes and general stuff on writing and authors, just go here.


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