More bluish “whites” in girls’ eyes

I am still chasing this topic, which I have written about previously here and here and here.

Here are some more examples of the effect, that is, a bluish tinge in the “whites” (sclerae) of the eyes. It seems to be found in young women’s eyes sometimes, and is perhaps mostly seen closer to the iris. If it is due to an optical effect, the Tyndall effect, it might be expected to vary depending on the incident light among other things:



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Alexandra Daddario is famous for her beautiful eyes, and she seems to have bluish sclerae (whites) in some photographs:


And this girl seems to have bluish “whites”:



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  1. […] of “bluish” whites in the eyes of young people, especially young women, here, here and here. I think it is due to the optical effect known as the Tyndall […]


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