“i want to be a bimbo”

A person from Illinois, I assume a woman, googling on “i want to be a bimbo” found my short article on the bimbo fetish and lifestyle here.

This is my most popular article at that academic site.

I don’t really approve of the bimbo lifestyle, but it is better than being a feminist at least.

I am not really sure that the bimbo thing should be called a “fetish”. Perhaps it is, but women are generally not thought to have sexual fetishes much. Perhaps it is more a case of hyperfemininity.

A commenter, MarcusD (see below), drew my attention to this tech bimbo. She is wearing a DIY Underlit LED (Hikaru) Skirt, which is most simply illustrated:



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  1. Here’s an interesting story I came across: https://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/3caiyo/people_female_hackingdiy_enthusiast_attends_a/

    The woman in question is a maker/hacker, but also (apparently) self-identifies as a bimbo.

    Thought it might be of interest to you.


    • Thanks. It is fairly common for the “bimbo” lifestyle enthusiasts to make a point of how they have chosen to be bimbos. One was supposedly once a lawyer but became a bimbo housewife. PhD Bimbo herself is a genuine hard sciences PhD candidate (although I have a feeling she is starting to lose interest in that side of her life).

      After all, a woman who is simply a bimbo would be unlikely to be self-reflective enough to think hard about herself as a bimbo. PhD Bimbo is interesting because she is so self-aware. She is what social scientists call, I understand, a “good informant”.

      People who are used to being “in their own skin” do not reflect much on their identity. As I said at my latest post, men (and presumably women, mutatis mutandis) do not generally go around thinking, “oh, gosh, I am a man”. My wife, for example, seems perfectly content as a woman and clearly does not often reflect on it. There is a word sociologists use for life lived in an unreflective way [I think it is called the “life-world” or “Lebenswelt”]. Most people are like that I suppose.


      • I think too that the bimbo lifestyle plays consciously into the masculine fantasy of taming a woman and turning her into a sexual being.

        There is an element of that in the “sexy librarian” fantasy. Having married a librarian, I have some slight understanding in this area.

  2. This is good. “How To Simper”:


    And a companion article on a similar theme:


    (I suspect the writer is tongue-in-cheek, to some degree, but one thing I have observed is that one person’s jokingly bad advice is another person’s set of guidelines to live by.)


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