A Comment I Made at The Social Pathologist

I made the comment below at The Social Pathologist blog:

“There may be something in this “conservatives are more easily disgusted” thing. Instinctively, I am a born conservative. I notice I hate to see things (and people) out of place. Finding a sock in the kitchen will upset me. It is “in the wrong place”. Little things and big things.

I am on Facebook and the constant parade of pictures of men kissing (in support of homosexual marriage) has been quite disturbing for me. I suspect conservatives just find the idea of homosexual behaviour disgusting. It is a classic case of things being out of place and disordered.

I have been puzzled by the apparently high acceptance of homosexual marriage among even relatively conservative women. I have a couple of theories, one of which is that women identify with passive homosexuals, since they share the life experience of being penetrated. Another is that women are simply less prone to disgust in some areas at least, having to deal with their own menses, with dirty nappies, and – let it be said – the experience of sex with men and the presence of semen in their vaginas.

As I said before, the more love a woman feels for a child or a man, the more she will put up with becoming intimate with their bodily side. It is observable, even with one woman in a single relationship, that her willingness to do rather distasteful and even degrading acts depends very much on her level of love and respect for the man, as it changes over time, even cyclically, and therefore on her level of arousal.

There is something deeply ironic and almost comical in observing a ladylike and demure grandmother, and reflecting that she would not have attained that status unless she had sometimes lain naked and writhing under a man.”


One response to this post.

  1. So Slumlord is back to blogging? I was kinda hoping he’d finally stop this time. Oh well. At this point he’s only repeating himself, and it’s obvious he doesn’t want to have any honest discussion about his views. It doesn’t seem to occur to him that if you believe that “real” masculinity is innate – i.e. something that cannot be taught or internalized -, you won’t achieve anything by loudly complaining that modern men aren’t masculine enough. If something is innate, you either have it or you don’t. End of story.


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