Between Success and Failure

Here are some posts of mine which might be grouped into the theme of “modest success”. We hear a lot about success and failure, but not so much seems to be written about people who achieve modest success only.

Carolyn Farina, the leading lady in the 1990 film “Metropolitan”.

The character played by Roger W Kirby in the same film and also discussed at this post. [“The older man of the WASP class in the bar … has had that frustrating thing, moderate success only.”]

The only modest success of many of the actors and actresses from the same film.

The obscurity or only modest success of the actors in famous movie videos, like The Boys of Summer. And I said more about the difficulty of getting any information on quite a lot of the women in music videos here.

For example, there is a woman in one of AC/DC’s “Fly on the Wall” videos whose identity is impossible to determine, as far as I can see. And yet she is integral to the video and spends about five minutes performing.

This girl (the one in pink)?

To take another example, who is the girl in the Slacker music video, “Scared”? She is on the entire thing and yet appears to be anonymous.

This girl?

Another interesting case of relatively modest success only is that of custom car designer and later actor Larry Watson discussed briefly at the beginning of this post on short-haired women. As for his girlfriend, Elaine Sterling, who graces many of the pictures of his decorated cars, nothing appears to be known. There was an actress and model who once went by the name Elaine Sterling, but that appears to be a different woman.

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