A “Metropolitan” curse?

Whit Stillman, the director of “Metropolitan” (1990) and most recently “Damsels in Distress” and “The Cosmopolitans”, recently tweeted this:

It would be silly to speak of a “Metropolitan” curse. Isabel Gillies went on to a long-running role as Kathy Stabler on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. And Chris Eigeman is still appearing in movies. Allison Parisi moved on to success in law. But, as Whit Stillman suggests, there were a number of young actors in “Metropolitan” who only had indifferent success afterwards. Will Kempe seems to have mostly done sporadic work in TV. Ed Clements left acting and became a pastor. Carolyn Farina had a couple of minor roles afterwards in good movies, but, as I commented at my previous blog post, she is now working in childhood education in New York. Taylor Nichols gets steady work but nothing outstanding.

Of the cast of “Metropolitan”, only Isabel Gillies and Chris Eigeman went on to have screen success.

Carolyn Farina’s short career seems to puzzle a lot of people, and I have analysed it here.

[ADDENDUM: The actor’s name is Bryan not Brian. And his career has been a bit more interesting than Stillman implies. Here is his IMDb page. He has done some writing and producing. Also, Will Kempe’s IMDb page is slightly more impressive than I suggest above. Not long after his role in “Metropolitan” in 1990, he appeared in two gangster movies, playing the same individual, “Legs Diamond” in both. Here is the trailer for one of them, “Hit the Dutchman”:

” … in a world … in a time …”

I must say it doesn’t look too bad.]

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