“carolyn farina sex scene”

I just had someone arrive here by searching on “carolyn farina sex scene”.

I have written extensively on this actress. And one thing I have remarked on is that she never did a sex scene. She appeared twice in her slip in her most noteworthy film Metropolitan. But not nude. I suspect neither she nor her director was interested in that kind of scene.

I suppose one could argue that the scene – in another character’s imagination – in which she is in the arms of “Rick” is kind of a “sex scene”. But as I said, she still has her slip on and very little happens. (The scene is a little silly really. Perhaps Stillman was worried about the rating for his film. The cover art on some videos apparently showed a game of strip poker in progress, but there is no nudity in the film. The most risque moment would be a girl at “Rick”‘s house shown holding her undone bikini top up to cover her breasts. In the “daydream” scene involving “Rick” and “Audrey”, Audrey is shown, rather absurdly, as I mentioned, still in her slip. It is unlikely that the ladykiller Rick would let a girl keep any of her clothes on for long.)

Here is a detailed discussion of her strangely truncated acting career. The latest on her is that she is working as a child psychologist in the New York school system.

Carolyn Farina as “Audrey Rouget” in “Metropolitan” (1990):


This photo is described here as “Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan is also a Christmas movie (Carolyn Farina as Aubrey-Fanny Rouget with her mother)”. In fact, her character’s name is “Audrey Rouget” not “Aubrey”. The reference to “Fanny” is a nod to the film’s relationship with Jane Austen’s novel “Mansfield Park” and its virtuous heroine, Fanny Price. Audrey is, to some extent, a modern version of Fanny.


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  1. Posted by RichardP on April 6, 2015 at 6:00 pm

    “… her strangely truncated acting career.”

    My daughter is very pretty. She has a lovely singing voice. She plays trumpet with an exceptional tone. And she is very shy. In spite of her abilities, and the joy she would bring to people in doing so, she has no interest in public performance. Hopefully that will change as she gets older (she’s in first year of college), but there it is. A person gifted with talents that the public at large would be blessed by does not necessarily also possess the desire to display those talents on a public stage.

    I think ability, and the desire to display that ability to the public, are both necessary before we end up with solid actors with lengthy careers.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on April 6, 2015 at 9:27 pm

      Yes. Whit Stillman, her original director, said that Farina’s shyness limited her career. But he also mentioned other problems.

      I went over this in my main post on her and concluded that she probably began a bit late, at 25 or 26. Her subsequent roles were not very good and by then she was in her late twenties.

      Here is what I wrote at my post on her career:

      “While her slender and girlish appearance helped make Farina look youthful in Metropolitan, there are nonetheless some scenes in which she looks a bit stringy and drawn. Her acting was very good, but to build a major lasting career like Michelle Pfeiffer would require both the exceptional looks only found in really young women and the opportunity to build a reputation as a good actress. In Little Noises, she was already a bit too old at 28 in terms of peak beauty and the film gave her no opportunity to act. In The Age of Innocence, she was nearly 30 and the film only did an indifferent job of showing off her acting range. She plays Janey, the shy and retiring sister of Newland Archer. Even to the kindest eye, the actress looks a bit too pale and thin in the face in this film. In a word, faded. In summary, I think she simply began too late. Also, her small-breasted, short-haired style probably did not have a wide enough appeal in any case. (She appeals to me, but most men want more hair and boobage.)”


      • Posted by Julian O'Dea on April 6, 2015 at 11:42 pm

        On a personal note, I wrote to Miss Farina, asking her in particular about her role in “Little Noises”, but did not receive a reply. There are all sorts of possible reasons, but she does seem to want to maintain a low profile. She now lives a modest life in Queens and works at a school as a psychologist.

        Stillman said somewhere that he had to coax her out of retirement to make her cameo appearance in the recent film “Damsels in Distress”.

  2. […] a pastor. Carolyn Farina had a couple of minor roles afterwards in good movies, but, as I commented at my previous blog post, she is now working in childhood education in New York. Taylor Nichols gets steady work but nothing […]


  3. […] I have written before, she never did a sex scene. By far her most important role was “Audrey Rouget” in […]


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