More Digital Women

This has long been one of my favourite dance tunes. I always used to imagine it being danced to by African-Americans in Detroit, putting their hands up “for Detroit”, and chanting “our lovely city”. I had no idea that this was the official video:

It is a lovely example of the digital women theme of my recent post.

I think that the above is at least ONE of the official videos. Some of the lyrics were apparently “sampled”, as described here. There has been some confusion as to whether the words at one point are “I love this city” or “Our lovely city”. I prefer the latter, and the Wikipedia article says this is what is being sung.

Four girls participated in the making of the video, presumably made up to look like “clones”. The male “clone” was a dance student. The man whose face he touches homoerotically is the writer and producer of the music video himself appearing in a cameo.

The girls are very good at being “robotic”. Shirley Manson, playing a robot “terminator” in The Sarah Connor Chronicles did a good job in a different context; shown here at her creepiest:


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  1. Posted by Julian O'Dea on March 26, 2015 at 5:40 am

    This seems to be an appropriate place to refer to this recent article:

    I would agree, with genuine sadness. I certainly agree that women objectify themselves. Ask a lot of women about their bodies, and they will tell you, with cold, clinical accuracy, exactly what their good and bad points are. They will literally say things like, “my legs are my best feature” or “my hair is oily”.

    I also agree that feminists use rape and domestic violence as topics to weaken any and all masculine positions. Everything tends to be tied to these problems, no matter how trivial. I saw an academic paper get a lot of play in the Australian press, which argued that staring at a woman in the street is tantamount to sexual assault. Just insanity.

    I would also agree that it is not a good idea to marry a woman hoping to get wonderful intellectual companionship. I know women who have degrees in the liberal arts but you would never know. Many women do well academically, but they drop it like a hot potato when they enter the real world. One can be intellectual and not intelligent (quite a lot of ordinary men are like this) or intelligent without being intellectual (and I see this in women a lot).

    There are plenty of good reasons for this. Women tend to get embroiled in the mundane business of mating, having children and holding down an office job. And it has been remarked frequently that whereas men tend to continue to wise up in their twenties, women seem to regress intellectually, if anything.

    The one piece of advice I would give to a man interested in not becoming bored with a woman is: marry a woman who is interesting in herself. Not just physically interesting (although she should push your buttons) nor necessarily a woman with a lot of ideas of her own; but a woman who has an interesting personality. Such women, when they are young, tend to get called “unusual”, “individual”, “a trick” (an old Australian expression for an amusing person), a “character”, “distinctive”, “different”, even “weird” or “ditzy”. Remember, this is what other people call her. Not what she fancies herself to be. Every person, man or woman, thinks he or she is special …

    As I said, a young woman SHOULD be cute and buoyant and a little bit “individual”. In my experience, such women age well and keep their mental appeal. If a woman is tedious, opinionated and solemn when she is young, she will only get worse. You want a woman who will be challenged and changed by new ideas and opinions – preferably yours.


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