Does She Listen?

I think this is a good piece, at a first glance:

Why ‘docility’ is the best word to describe femininity.

I like “docile”, although it suggests quiet and meek, whereas quiet women are not necessarily easier to handle than noisier and more flamboyant women. There are plenty of quiet girls who are as stubborn as a portside bollard. And there are plenty of more forthright women who are excellent, loyal companions, if you can tame them (cf. The Taming of the Shrew, an essential item of “red pill” literature from Shakespeare.)

Other good descriptors for the desirable woman are “teachable”, “pliable”, “biddable”, and one my wife uses, “agreeable”.

The really important quality to look for could be said to be a willingness to listen and be influenced. At least over time. What one does not want is a woman who has made up her mind already on everything when you meet her (or more likely, had it made up for her in some form of indoctrination at an educational facility).

Whatever he does, a man should avoid a stubborn woman. And stubborn women may appear as feminine as you please. A lot of women are “female impersonators” these days. Nothing more.


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  1. Posted by Jim on March 24, 2015 at 5:48 am

    “Whatever he does, a man should avoid a stubborn woman.”

    Definitely. Why be in a relationship only to have to constantly argue? It’s not supposed to be a boxing match. So many women just don’t get it these days. Two bosses in the same room just doesn’t work.

    “A lot of women are “female impersonators” these days.”

    Yes. Most of them certainly are these days. They sometimes have the shell of femininity but their empty inside. Women only degrade their own femininity when they try to compete with men by trying to be masculine.


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