The Public Sins of Men: the Private Sins of Women

This is a comment I made on a recent post. I thought it was worth elevating it to a short post.

” Yes, social conservatives seem constantly to underestimate women in a sense. They do not afford them full moral agency, and are always ready to excuse any female behaviour as probably a man’s fault somehow. It is striking how many conservative men like the idea, for example, of the Swedish model of prostitution being introduced into Australia (which is basically “men bad, women good”).

Neither sex really understands the other intuitively. This may even be an evolved feature, if one considers that men and women are in a state of sexual conflict genetically (as in other species). Women “preference falsify” continually. It is only following some undeniable and quantifiable observation (such as the huge sales of “Fifty Shades of Grey”) that the truth peeks out.

Men’s sins are mostly visible and often spectacular. Women’s tend to be hidden, with help from society. The recent rash of videos purporting to show typical street behaviour by men (“bad” of course) is a good example of men’s weaknesses being evident. Women’s sins are mostly concealed (such as the 70% of “non-reciprocal” domestic violence they instigate).

Speaking of Schopenhauer, as he observed, the mating game is a serious business. And women play hard. Perhaps this explains why most violence between courting couples comes from women, as a recent English study showed. But naive “beta” social conservatives rarely get to see woman in her sexual aspect “red in tooth and claw”. I suspect they have never seen a woman really turned on sexually.

It is hard for men to understand that many women quite enjoy being mastered by a superior and for women to understand that men quite like mastering an inferior. The culture hides this today, and so we see men trying to be more feminine and women to be more masculine.

I remember the novelist Jilly Cooper writing in one of her popular middlebrow books that “many wives quite like a firm hand”. For example. But that was a few decades ago, and that kind of folksy honesty would be removed by a feminist editor these days.

Perhaps one result of forcing these female desires underground was to prepare the ground for the much more brutal world of “Fifty Shades of Grey”. “


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  1. Posted by Julian O'Dea on November 17, 2014 at 2:24 am

    An interesting new post from Elusive Wapiti:

    One effect of men (but not women) being publicly shamed for their failings is a decline in respect for men’s authority, including in the church. The constant emphasis on men’s sins has tended to invalidate their place. In my opinion, a lot of these problems began in the modern Catholic church with Pope John Paul II, who described himself as the “feminist pope”. He seemed to view women as rather angelic and only weakly expressed the traditional authority of the man in his family.


  2. “It is striking how many conservative men like the idea, for example, of the Swedish model of prostitution being introduced into Australia (which is basically “men bad, women good”)”

    This is the case in Canada too. In fact, the Conservative Party, with the backing of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, has recently succeeded in making the Swedish model the law of the land (it received Royal assent a little over a week ago). I have been utterly appalled at how many “conservative” “evangelical” men have supported this fool law. They refuse to listen when I point out the fundamentally feminist assumptions behind the law. Their first response to reasoned opposition to their position is one of personal abuse. They show no comprehension of the nature of either sex or of prostitution itself. When I pointed out to one of them that street prostitutes frequently go up to men when they pull into the parking lots of convenience stores or stop at traffic lights/signs and proposition them and therefore it makes no sense to claim that in such instances, assuming the man falls for the temptation, the john is unfairly taking advantage of the hooker or abusing her, I was accused of making up fairy tales about prostitutes enticing men. Apparently this evangelical man has not read the Book of Proverbs.


    • Posted by Jim on November 21, 2014 at 3:20 am

      Traditionalist feminism? Isn’t that kind of like Christian atheist?


      • Posted by Julian O'Dea on November 21, 2014 at 5:03 am

        I have yet to read those articles. There is a form of “feminism” which is traditional and Christian. But it doesn’t look much like most modern feminism, Christian or otherwise.

        I mean I think there are various reasonable traditional and Christian arguments for some kind of feminism (although some of them have problems). For example, baptism is clearly for “man and woman”. God made “man and woman”. Both Adam and Eve sinned.

      • Yeah. But you know believe in God yet they rebel against him.

      • They are feminists without knowing they are feminist.

      • “They are feminists without knowing they are feminist.”

        This^^. They don’t have to hold the label to be feminists. Tradcon morons just don’t get it. They refuse to women in their place and yet try with all their might to keep men in theirs. These tradcons are just as gynocentric as their leftist counterparts. The only difference is that the tradcons randomly throw bible verses to justify it.

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