“The imagery was beautiful!”

Marc Nobleman continues his good work, interviewing Carol Seligson Fabi, who was the girl by the indoor pool (with the towel around her head) in an iconic music video.

“I remember that I loved the footage of Charlie and Claire running on the beach in the opening shot of video. The imagery was beautiful!”

Yes, it was. Here is the video:

(“The Boys of Summer”: video may no longer be available.)

“Claire” is the girl running on the beach, athletic but feminine. I hope Marc Nobleman finds her to interview, especially because she had more time on screen than Carol Fabi, good as she was.

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  1. Thanks Julian!


  2. Posted by Julian O'Dea on April 15, 2015 at 1:50 am

    “Claire”, despite appearing in one of the most iconic of music videos, appears to have disappeared from sight. I can find nothing on her, not even her surname.

    By contrast, the “Charlie” on the beach with her in the video appears to be Charlie or Charles Haugk, at least according to a site which I won’t give because it gave my computer a nasty popup demanding money. In any case, Charles Haugk went on to a modest career in Hollywood as a stunt man and actor.



    The first site gives his birth year as 1953: the second as 1970. I suspect that the former is more likely, if he did in fact appear in the “Boys of Summer” video, which appeared in 1984. Clearly 31 is a more likely age than 14! However 31 is a bit of a surprise. He and Claire may have been meant to be a bit more mature than I had realised; perhaps a young married couple, rather than young lovers?

    I find it ironic that Charlie Haugk’s most significant achievement was probably appearing in a hypnotically beautiful sequence in one of the best-loved of music videos.

    At Marc Tyler Nobleman’s site, his name is given as “Charlie Hawke”. I assume this was either a fairly understandable error or he used that name as well. (To add to the confusion, there IS another actor who goes by “Charlie Hawke”.) However I suspect the person listed first here may be the Charlie Haugk from the video:


    The place he has lived, and the employment by “Spyglass Entertainment”, increase the likelihood. His age is given as 61, which is consistent with his year of birth being about 1953.

    This Malibu record is consistent:


    And this is interesting:


    “In exchange for the mentions in “The Recruit,” Dell provided props and is promoting the movie on its Web site, said Charlie Haugk, director of product placement for Spyglass Entertainment, the film’s studio.”

    According to other records, Charlie Haugk has worked on a number of movies in product placement.


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