Now with cats!

My previous post has grown, and now has cats, so it is practically a new post.

If you are too lazy to scroll down a bit, you canclick here.


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  1. I realize there may be copyright laws, but can you post a picture of a cat painting? Fake or not the images sound adorable!

    I bet cats would paint if they could find a way to make it spiteful. Like when they pee in your slippers or run between your feet while you’re at the top of a staircase.


    • Posted by Julian O'Dea on February 19, 2014 at 8:42 pm

      Those pictures at my previous post are genuine, IIRC.

      I think the cats are smearing paint on surfaces because of its smell. They look like they are painting.

      If I can find out more I will add it here.


      • Off topic; remember your post from last year, about pop stars and penis envy?

        In her new tour, Miley Cyrus doesn’t even try to hide her envy. Warning – crotch grabing, giant hotdog riding ickiness ahead:

        I also found the article interesting because it includes a photo of her (what we Americans call “redneck trailer trash”) family watching. With her short haircut she looks very much like her older brother, Trace Cyrus.

        I’m tempted to sign up last minute for an advanced Sociology course (the Japanese uni term begins in April) just so I can write a research paper titled “The Best of Both Worlds: Hannah Montana as a metaphor for transsexual identity”

        I’d even give you credit in my paper!

        (Alas, I’d be too busy with my real science classes, like Microbiology, to take such a class. Maybe next year)

      • I found your original post about Penis Envy. In it I posted a scan of this giggle-inducing vintage article warning of the dangers of dominant, penis-envying masculine wives:

        “For most guys, it’s a pleasant switch now and then to be dominated by a chick. But taken as a steady thing, it can destroy your manhood”

        According to the article, the solution to masculine wives who rule the bedroom is to “belt her ’till she comes around”.[…] keeps it up on subsequent occasions until she accepts […] role as head of the family”

        I do wonder, though, if American women merely shit-test/boss their husbands around, just to get their politically-correct Beta-ized by Liberal society husbands to assert themselves as head of the family.

        I think “pushing men’s” buttons to manipulate them is a natural female behavior. (Years ago there was a cheesy pop-song titled “That’s What Girls Do”. You’ve probably heard it before its been used in many commercials. The hook of the chorus was: “Play your emotions push all your buttons it’s true – that’s what girls do”)

        To get Catholic, perhaps this “manipulation yin-yang” thing is what Pope John Paul II meant to address, in his Theology of the Body. Wives are naturally inclined to dominant husbands, even if they don’t know it.

      • Posted by Julian O'Dea on February 23, 2014 at 8:50 am

        BF, that article is downright weird. Wherever did you find it?

        I am not sure what to say about it. The peculiar language suggests it is from a rather low-rent men’s magazine. There is a “Stratton Foundation” but it does not appear to have that function.

        I suspect the whole thing was bogus. And whatever hack wrote it seems to have been working out some obsessions of his own.

      • I beleive I found it on a (now defunct) blog that posted scans of, as you guessed correctly, cheap vintage tabloid magazine. The page before had a rather amusing article about a man who saved a woman from being eaten by a crocodile. I beleive it was a scan from either the Weekender, or Confidential.

        I read vintage magazines because I enjoy the vintage pulp short-stories they often contain. I’ve noticed short-stories, along with serialized stories, have fallen out of fashion in Western society (aside from being used in school textbooks). They’re much more common in modern Japanese fiction – they’re called Light novels.

        Its a shame because many great Western writers (especially scifi writers) got their start writing serialized fiction for magazines.

      • Yes, when I read a lot of SF as a boy, it was mostly in anthologies, although I do seem to have read quite a lot of Gollancz editions of major science fiction stories. I seem to have read more Heinlein, for example, than I would have thought. And Ballard too.

        I have a Weird Tales anthology, which contains some of the horror and fantasy classic authors, as well as some interesting horror poetry.

        Some Australian women’s magazines still carry short stories, but often only a page or two.

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