Lyric Poets

Steve Sailer writes:

” … lyric poets tend to evolve into social novelists as they age. ”

What a horrible fate. I consider myself to be a lyric poet. Becoming a “social novelist” sounds terrible.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Not always. For example, W.B. Yeats’ writing became light and whimsical as he aged. Yeats’ earlier works are mostly grim, dramatic plays full of political allegories (he was heavily involved in the Irish nationalist movement). Or to use an Australian example, C. J. Dennis went from writing smarmy satire, to children’s poetry.

    When I first began reading your poetry, I thought “Oh, how very Irish of you!” (I realize now you don’t consider yourself to be very Irish, culturally). Lyrical poetry comes across as a very Irish craft.


    • Interesting.

      I dislike Irishry, but yes I seem to fit the stereotype when it comes to poetry. I don’t like other forms of literature much. Just poetry. And I seem to be best at lyrical poetry, in part because I lose control of my material in other forms.


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