Is homosexuality caused by a germ?

I discussed this here. Some supporting evidence for my approach:

If I were starting again, I would only have one blog. In any case, I have brought over some of my posts from my Biology Notes blog to this post. The blog itself is in my blogroll, along with the excellent blogs of Steve Sailer, Razib Khan and the Cochran/Harpending duo (“West Hunter”).

Here is some recent discussion on the topic of homosexuality at the Cochran/Harpending blog. Very interesting, as is this spin-off remark from Ron Unz.

Cuckoldry not that common after all?

(Razib Khan made a similar argument)

Did horror writer HP Lovecraft have acromegaly?


African lips as health signals

Check out her – lips!


The science of the “man born blind” in the New Testament

My theory on why sex evolved is on Wikipedia here.

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  1. Posted by infowarrior1 on December 21, 2013 at 2:01 am

    Have you read sperm wars?


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