Film Crush

I am apparently not the only one with a crush on Carolyn Farina as Audrey Rouget:

“Girl Crush: Carolyn Farina”

I found this at the Unofficial Whit Stillman (the director) page, which I have now blogrolled.


Some girl has written about her hair.

We had a discussion of the sexual politics of the film in which she was the leading lady. She played an ingenue, although there is a school of thought that she was much more cunning than she seemed. Incidentally, being a man, and visually oriented, I used to wonder how Audrey could develop a crush on Tom based largely on reading letters he had written, and not even to her. Since realising how influenced women can be by the tone of a man’s writing, I give this more creditability.

Here is the discussion.


Any serious fans of Whit Stillman the director and Carolyn Farina will find a long piece I wrote here. It includes a short screen biography of the actress as an appendix.

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  1. Hello Tazein, my most appreciative reader.

    I have blogrolled you.


  2. Posted by Sis on April 29, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    She is very pretty in the pink picture, I like the tulips.


    • She is supposed to have just been to the beauty salon to get her legs waxed. She is admiring her smooth legs.

      I just watched the second of Whit Stillman’s films – The Last Days of Disco – this evening. My daughter downloaded it for me onto a USB stick. “Audrey Rouget” appears in a non-speaking cameo in that film. It was quite a nice film, but I can see why it was a bit of commercial flop. I may write something up about it.

      She was very pretty, at least in the first film. She reminds me pleasantly of my wife when I met her. Although she had more curves than Carolyn Farina, who really is a bit too thin.

      It is funny what one notices. The details. The Kate Beckinsale character in The Last Days of Disco uses a phrase and intonation that is stunningly similar at one moment to that used by Carolyn Farina in the earlier film. I wonder if it was not something the director specifically wanted.

      Sis, you may be wondering why I have never blogrolled you. It is not that I dislike your blog. It is that you happened to write something I found disturbing (not your fault) and I have since stayed away.


      • Posted by Sis on April 29, 2013 at 4:28 pm

        This saddens me, it was never my intention to offend you, although I realize I’ve written and explored some very controversial topics. Forgive me, I’ve always thought highly of you and your work.

      • Sis, it was not your fault. You would know I don’t mind frankness. It was just that I have an area I want to avoid and you inadvertently wrote something that touched on it.

        Not your fault in the slightest.

    • Don’t worry Sis, only two people have blogrolled me. At least I made it onto both of Julian’s lists; perhaps I can count that as two and then I can say I am on three blogrolls, lol. Of course, I’m such a recluse that I don’t care.


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