Beautiful vs Pretty vs Cute vs Hot vs Gamine












I may add some more and better examples. I have stuck with brunettes, because I like brunettes.

Another example of cute/gamine (a lucky chap, with Emma Fitzpatrick showing very pleasing “body language”):



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  1. None of these girls appeals to me very much. So I think I have been fairly dispassionate in my categorisation.


  2. Ooh, thanks for following my request?

    I guess I’m gamine. Wait, can I be gamine with long hair? The only time I ever encountered that word was describing Little Miss No Name:

    Being Asian is confusing. I think I sort-of fall under all catagories. Wide eyed, babyfaced, well poised boyish figure.


    • Gamine is a French word.

      Boyish cuteness is part of it. It is a matter of attitude. I think French girls do it well. The classic example, though, is Audrey Hepburn. My favourite screen character, Audrey Rouget, although named after Audrey Hepburn I understand, does not seem gamine to me. More, very pretty.



    • Of my other two screen obsessions, Sean Young is beautiful:


      Sean Young also has a bit of the doll thing going on, which is not suprising since she was a replicant in the relevant movie. But I rather like that. Doll-like is sort of another look, but less generally appealing. My son has videos of The Wiggles in which young women dance around dressed as dolls. It is a bit of a moral challenge for me!

      While Elizabeth McGovern is cute or pretty:



    • So, what category do I fall under?

      If I cut my hair, I think I could be gamine.


      • Yes, maybe. But gamine is an attitude not just a look. My examples above are not terribly good. Both those girls come across as too vulnerable. I think gamine implies a certain resilience. Like a sparrow in the street.

        I think you are somewhere between cute and pretty. You are certainly not unattractive.

    • Do you consider this definition to be accurate:

      Maybe you should write a post defining Gamine. It sounds like a bit of an obscure concept.

      By resilience, do you mean emotional strength? Like, not easily hurt. I don’t think I can be gamine; I cry and I am rather weak.


      • Zelda Gilroy in the old Dobie Gillis show was kind of gamine. There is a French cartoon from about the 1950s which was called The Lovers, or some such title. The girl in that was sometimes called gamine. Audrey Hepburn is the classic example, but, like the lady rocker, they are rarer than you would think.

        Maybe I should do a post.

        It doesn’t sound like you have the right personality for gamine.

        I would like to do a post on robotic and doll-like women, but I think that is just my kink, and it might get creepy. I have sometimes got my wife to put on extra lipstick to get this effect.

      • I think I’m starting to get it know.

        Is Jean Seburg in Breathless a good example? I think the stereotypical French New Wave girl, embodies Gamine.

      • Yes, probably a good example. Although I haven’t seen the film. She looks the part. French girls do it well.

  3. Do you have any other photos of Sean Young with long hair? After seeing her with long hair, no joke, I think might sort-of look like her.

    Or maybe the heavy eye-makeup made her look a bit Japanese.


    • Rachael takes her hair down. A low point in the movie for me.



      • Fascinating, because that is when I thought she looked her best.

      • Most men would agree with you, donalgraeme. It was meant to be, as TVTropes would say, A Crowning Moment of Awesome (involving her crowning glory), but when she let her hair down, it was a letdown for me.

        (There is an interesting irony here. When Rachael thinks she is a real woman, she looks and acts rather robotically. After she finds she is a robot, her appearance and demeanour gradually become more womanish.)

      • Julian, do you have an email? Is there any way I can send you my photo (I would like to send you my wedding photo)

        I’m curious what you’d classify healthy liver me as. (Sick liver me is a prednisone moonfaced mess. My cheeks and my nose get swollen) I’d post a picture on the blogosphere but I receive a frightening amount of hate-mail so I don’t feel comfortable doing that.

        I guess I could try to my Mixi account. Do you have a Mixi?

    • I’m actually falling asleep at my computer desk right now (Darn allergy medicine) but I’ll email in the morning (saved it).

      Sorry if I caused you any trouble.


  4. Posted by alcestiseshtemoa on April 26, 2013 at 11:39 am

    When it comes to beauty and makeup in women:

    Beautiful women don’t need makeup
    Cute women need a little makeup
    Pretty women have moderate amount of makeup
    Hot women have the most amount of makeup


  5. That ‘cute’ selection does nothing for me. I find her a bit too hard looking to be cute. (I have no idea who she is, for the record). I think the Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins manages to pull off being in every category except gamine.


    • I included her as cute – she is just a girl I found by Googling – because she is attractive but too individual and self-aware to be beautiful. Beautiful implies remoteness and perfection, like a far-off mountain.

      I tend to see the categories as distinct. A woman fits into a single one.


      • Yeah, the cute girl was the only one I didn’t agree with. But maybe it’s her kind of weird smile, like she is going to bite someone.

  6. She’s cuter in this pic.


  7. Funny, I always thought of her as more in the beautiful category than in the “cute” category. It is always a good sign when a woman can pull off more than one look.


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  9. I like the ‘beautiful’ one, and the ‘cute’ one maybe, though her facial expression is odd, what with the weird crinkling lines next to her nose in her smile; not entirely sure what to make of that or her… The ‘hot’ one, were I so inclined, would be ‘pump & dump’ only… I do not like the ‘pretty’ one (weird hair; too much blush); and the ‘gamine’ one looks too boyish in this case (I can appreciate an Audrey Hepburn type look, or Maria de Medeiros with short hair, but not that particular look).


    • Oh, that’s Keira Knightley? Ick. I do not like her; she’s too damn skinny. No wonder I found her weird; she IS weird, in multiple ways…


      • Yes, I would agree with a lot of that. I put the post together too quickly. I should have put up a girl for “hot” who is like that because of her looks, not her dress (or lack of , in this case).

        I didn’t know it was Keira Knightley when I posted her.

        I said in a previous post that the “gamine” girl is too boyish. This is about as far as I can go in that direction:

      • Oh, I think the ‘hot’ one is ‘hot’ in both looks and undress. 😉

        She’s certainly not conventionally beautiful or cute; she’s feminine in a very raw sense of the word, certainly not in classical beauty terms…

        Really, she’s fuckable, and that’s about it; nothing more…

  10. I have pictures where I look like the beautiful, cute or hot, depending entirely on camera angle.


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