Short Hair on Women, Again

The Challenge:

The Response:

You have all offended Molly:


Julie contemplates the horror of short hair on women:


Another girl ruined by short hair:


BTW, the girl singing the ballad in the post below, Mary Black, is wearing her hair fairly short.

Trinity from The Matrix says, “Take the red pill. See the world of gorgeous short haired women with your new eyes!”


Music video with girl with a nice hair-length (on the beach):

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  1. I suspect it’s less about length than it is that short hair generally signals an unfeminine attitude. However, as the picture of Molly suggests, it’s not the length but the style that actually matters. (For the record, though, I must state I wouldn’t consider the “Breakfast Club” ‘do as truly short hair. Anne Hathaway’s current look, on the other hand, is quite short and quite unflattering.)


    • Yes. I understand that, on average, women look better with long hair, to most men. And I get that short hair can be an anti-man political statement. But French women, never noted for their feminism, often wear their hair short, for example. I really think that long hair is an American man preference, like big boobs.

      I accept that I am unusual. I positively dislike long hair on women. And find short hair sexy. I tend to have hair with a lot of body, even at my age, and there must have been times in our marriage when my wife had shorter hair than me.

      I get that pulling the girl’s hair during rear entry would be fun, but I don’t like long hair or rear entry.


  2. Posted by sunshinemary on January 2, 2013 at 6:09 am

    A few women look nice with short hair. The majority look better with long hair. You are an outlier in liking long hair the world-over I suspect. Alas, you would not find me attractive. But the most important thing is to style one’s hair in a way that pleases one’s own husband.

    Who says French women aren’t feminists?? They certainly are. They are just better looking feminists than the rest of the world.


    • Hi SSM. I think you meant to write that I am an outlier in liking short hair.

      I am sure there are French feminists, but feminism is not what one thinks of when one thinks of French women.


      • Posted by sunshinemary on January 3, 2013 at 3:02 am

        Yes, perhaps when one thinks of the average French woman – they are all so thin and pretty. But boy oh boy have they been leaders in the movement. Just off the top of my head there is Simone de Beauvoir and Elisabeth Badinter.

      • Yes and Althusser murdered his wife; Sade wrote Justine; and Reage wrote The Story of O.

        I was relying on impressions and a marvellous essay by one of the 2Blowhards bloggers on the French. He said that most French women enjoy being French women.

        My stereotype of a French woman is a skinny little brunette, teetering on heels, waving a Gauloise and talking very quickly about philosophy and love and the price of bread, as she throws dinner together.

  3. Posted by sunshinemary on January 2, 2013 at 6:09 am

    Oopsie, I meant you are an outlier in liking short hair, not long hair.


  4. Posted by Anna on January 6, 2013 at 5:14 am

    My husband doesn’t positively hate long hair on women but he does prefer short hair. Interestingly his mother also had short hair and I have wondered if that’s why. I think its strange that having a different hair preference would make others think you’re odd or worse.


    • Interesting, Anna.

      I do think the penchant for long hair is particularly an American male preference (I am Australian).

      My wife does resemble my mother. But my wife and I have been mistaken for siblings. So, the other possibility is less flattering for me – some kind of narcissism and autogynephilia.

      My wife thinks that religious attitudes in America might drive the preference for long hair on women.


      • Pentecostalism [a movement that has influenced nearly all forms-of American Christianity – including Catholicism] links long-hair with holiness and femininity.

        So perhaps that explains American Christian men’s preference for long.

      • Yes, I think that is my wife’s theory.

        In a broader sense, what seems strange to non-Americans is the American propensity for finding moral issues everywhere. Everything seems to be a moral gambit. I can’t imagine Australians, for example, finding moral or political significance in women’s hair length.

        In any case, I just prefer short hair on women. I have an old photo of my wife and me at a wedding. I think she looks great. But her hair is almost as short as mine. Yes, I am probably an outlier.

  5. I find nothing attractive about a woman with short hair. That is not to say none have natural beauty, many do, but they would look much better with long hair. These Syrian Christians, friends of the family, told me that in their part of the ME women cover their hair because it is perceived by men almost the same way breasts are here in America.


    • I dislike long hair on women.


    • Ahh, Chesterpoe, I see you have the picture of Teddy Roosevelt, the great American hunter and warrior, pictured. Props.

      Btw, I did not know that long hair was to ME men what breasts are to us…


      • It is interesting how different races place sexual value on specific parts of the female body. Blacks like big asses; Whites like larger breasts, MEs like beautiful hair, and the Chinese like small feet (see Chinese foot binding).

      • I think that long hair is beautiful and that short hair women look dykish but I don’t sexualize hair the way I sexualize breasts, legs, and overall figure. Hair to me is like the face; I don’t sexualize either but I find that beauty in both is very important to me.

  6. Eh.

    That’s what I feel about the women pictured.


  7. If a woman is naturally beautiful she will still be with both short or long hair…however if you want to look some really nice chicks with short hair go here:



  8. Young Molly Ringwald was very beautiful, I’m not sure why Deti considers her “average”.

    Do you prefer short hair, due to its neatness factor?

    Since I’ve gotten pregnant, my hair has grown quite long, and thick [prenatal vitamins?] It’s annoying; I wish it was shorter. I’ve been braiding it, like Pocahontas.

    I might just cut it short; wear cute ‘lil barrets.


  9. Pictures of short hairstyles are perfect…


  10. […] hair on women was discussed on this blog previously, here, here, and briefly, […]


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