Greatest Hits of 2012

It has been a big Manosphere and general blogging year for me. Being semi-retired has helped me focus. I have always looked askance at people who plead that pressure of work prevents them from being productive in other areas. But the truth is that you do need large slabs of time in which to try to think and create.

Anyway, here are some posts including some from 2012 that people have liked or found interesting:
(this still gets attention – it got controversial)
(received favourable attention from a significant poet)
(“Women policing the hierarchy”, a hugely popular post for some reason)
(this poem got featured at Chateau Heartiste and received many viewings)

I will probably add some more later, but I think that is a good start.

One response to this post.

  1. My statistics suggest that just about every single person who has visited this post has gone on to read “Women policing the hierarchy”.

    Amazing. That post really strikes a chord.


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