Helen Rittelmeyer comes to Oz

Helen Rittelmeyer is now living in Australia. I have added her blog to my blogroll. I wrote about her previously here.

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  1. Why the move?

    And we should care, why?


  2. I don’t know to the first question.

    I care because I find her amusing and clever. It is nice to see her still blogging.


  3. “bagged her out”?


    • “Criticised severely.”

      It was not just an interesting human moment; but what he said about her was interesting. The nature of his critique.

      He still writes about her on his blog, so I think he still has a crush on her.

      BTW, I was unfair about her in my comments at my earlier post. She has a good mind, and that video where she talks to Jeff Sharlet:


      is well worth listening to.

      She teeters on the brink of being really cute (ha, short hair!) in that video. And she clearly has brains. As we have discussed before, there are many ways to be a Catholic woman, and her way is unusual but not the worst by far. Her beliefs are an odd grab-bag, but at least she has them. No-one could accuse her of being wishy-washy.


      • Kinda like Eve Tushnet, eh? Yet another eccentric libertarian Catholic woman. 😉

      • In fact, I probably share some of them [her attitudes], as people can probably tell. It is no secret, for example, from my comments around the place, that I think that Catholicism is in danger of becoming too domesticated and effeminate.

      • Or maybe, to go back a bit, Flannery O’Connor. Catholicism tolerates eccentrics, including women.

      • If so, then it shares a fate with both mainline and evangelical Protestantism…

      • Another example was Dorothy Day, who was quite left-wing, but used to continue wearing a chapel veil even after Vatican II.

        As Flannery O’Connor apparently said: “The Catholic Church – Here comes everyone!”

  4. Posted by Full-Fledged Fiasco on November 28, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    “I remember when her ex-boyfriend went all loopy.”

    Yeah, Roissy’s take on that is a classic.


    • Posted by Full-Fledged Fiasco on November 28, 2012 at 11:20 pm

      Sorry David, wrong link.

      Here is Roissy’s original post.


      • Yes, I read that when it came out. There was much emphasis, as I recall, on her unattractiveness, but I must admit I find her quite cute and even a bit sexy. She has that sexy female intellectual thing. I would recommend that people look at that Bloggingheads video I cited above. She is clearly very clever and I find her appearance and mannerisms appealing.

        I suppose she must be my “type”, but her intelligence adds to her appeal for me. I am certainly no feminist, and I am not just saying that to be PC. Most intelligent Western women have become very unattractive. She is one of the exceptions.

        My impression is that she did suffer professionally from that online fiasco. I suspect the Bloggingheads performance was an attempt to rehabilitate herself. Her move here (Australia) may have been occasioned by the same need to start anew, but that is pure speculation.

        Her blog is worth a look. She has a good mind. And I don’t usually have a high opinion of female bloggers.

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