The word “misandry” goes mainstream in Oz

And now “misandry” is used at a major media site.

And here again at Catallaxy Files, probably Australia’s most respected and widely-read conservative and libertarian blog.

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  1. used philogynist too!


  2. The only thing we can thank Gillard for. She is the walking definition of misandry


    • Chris

      Yes, even many on the Left think her stupid rant in Parliament will backfire. She basically insulted half the people in Australia. Dumb.

      BTW, I am putting you on my blogroll.


      • Thanks. Reciprocated.

        (I do not know why smart women do not tell Gillard and similar to moderate their comments. Because they are making it a sticky wicket for any woman who follows them. Of course, since I do not like the policies of the Aussie or Kiwi Labo(u)r party, we should encourage them to keep it up.

      • Her rant got some support, especially in the fever swamps of Twitter, but even some on the Left thought it was a mistake. Much was made of support she got from Jezebel (sic) which called her a “badass motherfucker”.

        I am not sure that the average Australian wants as PM a woman who attracts that kind of support.

        There was a magisterial put-down of some of the feminists, who had come out of their academic fastnesses to comment, in a recent editorial in the Australian Financial Review.

  3. This is, of course, an opportunity for Boomer men to finally fight back. When it is considered acceptable for the mainstream media to say the lives of men are a burden when they have outlived their earning years, and Obamacare, with the power to ration healthcare along political lines, is already prepared to fund women’s health at the expense of men’s, don’t think for a minute that the legislative bias will stop there. An additional surtax on men only, greater defunding of male health procedures, etc. are all being discussed. Perhaps this will finally be enough to provoke a reaction from men.


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