In the year 2012, Spambot became self-aware

A spambot trying to sell gold as an investment, I assume, has visited my blog recently. I had written a post on poetesses and marriage, namely the case of Sylvia Plath. Here is what the spambot said:

“Her isolation and loneliness are palpable, and also her intelligence and frustration. A score of such painful letters punctuate the first half of this book and do indeed make for depressing reading. The sadness and disarray of the marriage, which would last until their separation in 1933, contrast sharply with the cultivated serenity of Eliot’s public image, which was, in Osbert Sitwell’s description, ‘mild, subtle and cautious’.”

Now, that is clever. Very. That is actually a quote from what another “David Collard” wrote about the wife of poet TS Eliot.

I also wrote a post on the girls’ names used by spambots, and my intelligent spambot friend wrote this:

“Displayed below is the baby names popularity of the name Imogen for girls. (2010 statistics) Compare Imogen with its variant forms and related girl baby names.”

Clever spambot.

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