Modern Women in a City of Glass

What will it mean for women when their traditional weapon, deception, is less effective due to hugely increased, pervasive availability of information? How will women cope with living in a “City of Glass”? (I have taken this expression from its use in relation to Calvin’s Geneva: Calvin’s theocracy in Geneva as a “city of glass”)

Here is a recent example of how the pervasiveness of surveillance technology in the UK (CCTV and electronic messaging) helped to clear a professional athlete accused of rape:

And another example of DNA testing helping a man catch his wife passing off another man’s child as his own:

A Heartening Trend

And there is facial recognition software:

Same idea, from a “bimbo”, who says she finds the idea a turn-on:

On the other hand, look at this picture:

[I have removed the picture of a naked young woman because I seem to be the only person currently hosting it, and it seemed kinder to her to remove the evidence. She looked like a nice girl.]

I am no expert, but that woman looks like “the girl next door”. She does not seem to be a bimbo. In fact, she looks a bit the opposite. There is nothing flashy about her (not even her teeth!) She looks like she might be Scottish or English to me. She also looks shy. I wonder who took the photo and why.

In any case, the picture is on the Internet. Maybe it will never be a problem for her, in the future, but I can imagine that quite a lot of men might not be pleased if they were to find that picture of their intended bride. Or if a “friend” pointed it out to him.

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  1. 13 months! Long gap between posts. 😉


  2. Anyway, looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Good to see you back blogging, DC. (Please forget my under-the-influence snarkiness one night, some months back.)


  3. I have two other blogs under my real name. This one must wait its turn.

    I have been commenting a bit at TC, CL, Patriactionary and Dalrock. And just now at In Mala Fide.


  4. I assume the other blogs, under your real name, are about other subjects, and you wish to keep your worlds separate, eh? I can understand that; I’m the same.


  5. BTW, just read the linked news story. I suppose that’s one benefit of our increasingly Orwellian times; that cameras can help clear someone’s name.

    Yet the bitch still got awarded £11,000.

    The system is rigged.


  6. That was my point. I believe that women are vastly more likely to use deception in dealing with men, including their husbands. The new, “Orwellian”, technologies will mostly help men. I am thinking of camera surveillance (and the use of phones for taking video, which saved the Hofstra boys, and the use of data from ATMs which helped save the Duke boys from the evil Nifong), together with the use of DNA evidence in paternity testing. The use of increasingly sophisticated ultrasound imaging is also making it harder for feminists to lie about what a foetus looks like.


  7. […] It is in the interests of feminists, and women in general, to deprive men of information. That is why feminists are so hysterical about men demanding virgins. A man who marries a non-virgin is marrying a completely unknown quantity. I have written about this kind of thing previously here. […]


  8. […] I have updated my previous post on Modern Women in a City of Glass. […]


  9. Posted by Julian O'Dea on August 20, 2014 at 1:33 am

    And here is a situation where GPS technology helped a man win a case involving his ex-wife’s false stalking claims:


  10. I am not sure of the background to this video (if you cannot see it, it shows a black youth being taunted by a white girl in what looks like a classroom – she also pushes him and eventually he snaps):

    The fact that this was being recorded, probably on someone’s mobile phone, should help him show any authorities that he was responding to her abuse. Arguably, though, what he did was excessive.

    Another point is that this illustrates a common moral problem: that of the excessive response. Is he to blame for having punished her that hard, or is she to blame for having provoked him? It is not easy to say. I suppose the blame is shared.


    • She assaulted him several times before he reacted. I don’t see how his response was excessive – it looks like he was trying to get her away fro him. If I were him I’d press charges and show no mercy to the bitch, or just ‘help’ her down the stairs sometime. You won’t find cameras in a stairwell.


  11. […] I have written before, as technology advances, it gives men new opportunities to fight back against misandrist views and […]


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