No. 1 in a new series: Intellectual Cuties

Gorgeous, pouting, high oestrogen, high IQ Helen Rittelmeyer returns on Bloggingheads TV:

See her fluff her hair, fiddle with her spectacles, and enunciate effectively. Also, it is an interesting discussion about the role of government funding for the arts.

[LATER: Helen Rittelmeyer, whose married name is now Helen Andrews, is seen here on Australian television:

No. 2 in this series of Intellectual Cuties (Christian philosopher, Catherine Pickstock) is here.

No. 3 in the series (GirlWritesWhat, anti-feminist YouTube woman) is here.

As for masculine intellectual cuties, all I can offer is a memory, of the pin-up calendars “Studmuffins of Science”. “Dr December”, 1996 is shown here. The idea seems to have been to show that male scientists could be ruggedly handsome. I think part of the idea was to attract girls into science. As far as I know, the guys kept their clothes on. Somewhere I have a sexy librarians calendar, acquired by my wife, who is a librarian. Most of the girls in this were cute librarians. One was nude as I recall, but was pictured covered in books.

{Video added 21 August 2015} And here she is in fine form, enunciating beautifully:


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  1. I’m not sure if you’re serious here Dave. Are you saying that Helen is hot?


    • Pat

      I am semi-serious. I do have a bit of a thing for bluestockings.

      I wouldn’t describe her as hot, but I could face her over the Weeties every morning.


      • I know what you mean about the bluestockings thing. Absolute bitches get me hot too. Plus Feminists are the biggest sluts going around.

        Not that I’m into that anymore. That was for the good old uni days.

      • Posted by Null on December 16, 2010 at 12:15 am

        Hehe, like Pat, I wasn’t sure if you were being sarcastic or not. Is this the woman you were talking about on that thread over at Alte’s?

      • I was being ironic, sort of. We did discuss Helen Rittelmeyer before on Alte’s blog, IIRC. She was the one who is YouTube famous for having her ex lambaste her at a conservative conference. Poor nebbish Joshua Goldberg must have thought he had stepped on a landmine. Despite my macho posturings, I do have a bit of sympathy for feisty little molls like Helen. I don’t believe she can be as evil as her ex implied. Besides, she is a Catholic, so she can’t be all bad!

        To be frank, I do think she is cute. She does have some amusing mannerisms too.

  2. Pat, I think it’s the high IQ thing, and she is pretty conservative. I think she would be an interestting challenge.

    I don’t like feminists or bitches, but this girl has that Dagny Taggart vibe (have you read Atlas Shrugged?)


    • I started it but found it too tedious. I suppose I should try it again since it’s one of those books everyone recommends.

      I think sex is over rated. Everything is imbued with sex these days, which is all part of the Judeo-Yank propaganda machine. The daily bombardment of sex as a transaction, as status, as the be all and end all of human interaction reached mythological/religious proportions.

      Look at the PUA/Gamers who claim to be subverting “the system” when they are really just the system’s end game being played out. Feminism was never a serious intellectual challenge. There is nothing in feminism to take seriously as a theory or accurate reflection on life. Feminism is purely a strategy to destroy society and cede power to the usual plutocrats.

      The strategy has worked and now White men hate White women and vice versa. Sex has become purely a commodity to be exchanged. What the Gamer’s rail against is that they don’t have the required currency to make the purchase they’re indoctrinated to think is their defining aspect as a person.


      • I think Roissy is a species of genius. But he is completely wasting his life. Women are just not that worthwhile. My point about Helen is that she is a rare example of a woman who thinks (not very well, but she thinks – Cf. Samuel Johnson on women preaching); is not stupidly left wing like so many soi-disant intellectual women; and is not totally lacking in cuteness.

        Men used to conquer the oceans and the mighty rivers, and uncover the mysteries of the universe. Now all they do is conquer women and uncover the mysteries in their panties. There is some decline here, I think.

      • Yes you’re right on all counts. I’ll have to give this Helen a hearing then.

        I guess my problem is that I have no patience with listening to women in general. I find their interests tedious and even if they are intellectual they are usually doctrinaire.

        I prefer the women to hang with the women and the men with the men. I’m a man’s club sort of bloke. If there were more sexual division, not divisiveness but separation things wouldn’t be have has nonsensical as they are.

        Women want to join men’s clubs but not the other way around. That should tell us something. Bringing a woman into your sphere of thought will only damage cohesiveness and thought processes. It is a rare thing indeed to be enlightened by a woman.

      • My wife and I were noting this last night. Girls forced their way into the Scouts, but no boy wants to join the Girl Guides.

        I have learned from women, but most women are pretty vapid. There are honorable exceptions.

      • Posted by Null on December 16, 2010 at 12:12 am

        Judeo-Yank propaganda machine.


      • Yes, I don’t mean that women are stupid. It’s just that they think differently. Of course we partner and take each others counsel, but a women led society will inevitably succumb to group think and stupidity.

      • What’s with the “Bahaha” Null? Care to explain yourself?

      • Posted by Null on December 16, 2010 at 12:23 am

        Um, I thought it was an apt and funny play on Judeo-Christian (how I detest that term). Sorry for butting in…?

      • You are always welcome, Null.

        Pat is very interested in race and ethnicity. I am not. Except scientifically.

      • No, not at all Null, that’s fine. I thought you were having a shot at me. I’ll turn my paranoia and aggression sensors off now 🙂

        I get too aggressive at times, so sorry for barking. It can be a good thing as much as a bad thing.

        Yes it’s a play on Judeo-Christian which is a complete absurdity and fabrication as a concept reflecting history or truth. We may as well extend the term to Islamo-Judeo-Christian for all the accuracy the term has. It’s nonsensical and purely a device for Christian obsequiousness.

        You’re not interested in race and ethnicity Dave? I thought you were a conservative?

      • Race and ethnicity do not bother me much. They are just not at the top of my mind, most of the time. I link to you because I think you are a funny, interesting bloke, Pat. But I don’t think we would agree on quite a few issues.

      • Thanks mate. It’s ok to disagree and I like to engage in the disagreements.

        Race and ethnicity determine culture. Everyone regardless of whether they say they are atheist or post-Christian etc have been moulded by their parent’s culture and the culture of their environment. It is part of the modern mantra to declaim anyone having a cultural and therefore racial embedding and worldview as being “racist”. Of course it’s racist. Everyone is a racist and there’s nothing wrong with it whatsoever.

        I couldn’t complain about a Muslim being a Muslim. That’s who they are and how they think. The absurdity is to say that a Muslim will easily slot right in to our society. It will inevitably cause chaos.

        Come back Null, don’t let me put you off. Going by your pic I’d prefer you any day to Dave’s Helen. Plus from what I’ve read of you elsewhere you come across as a good sport.

      • btw, you are the first and only Catholic or Christian to link to me. Just goes to show how much Catholics and Christianity in general has lost its way.

        Modern Christianity confuses manners with morals and has nothing to say to the real world. You know, the people who we live amongst and are supposed to spread the Word. No, they’d much prefer to donate to African charities pumping up their own Pharisaic egos and simultaneously piss on their own people.

      • Oh, Null didn’t get “put off”. She’s a tough one, that girl.

        Pat, I find you endlessly entertaining. Irish wit, I presume. I read your blog sometimes, but I must admit that I don’t understand most of it.

        I agree with you about “modern Christianity”. It’s all fluff now, and little substance. I named my blog Traditional Catholicism in order to scoop up the curious who otherwise might never be presented with such open and blunt debate. No fluff for me!

        I don’t think I’m very racist and I’m not a conservative, but I do tend to be a bit xenophobic and I’m quite tribal. I’m very Catholic-oriented, I suppose.

        Did you see, David, that Van Wijk has publicly slandered me on TTH by claiming that I am not a conservative, but am putting myself out as one? And here I was, polite enough to engage him in his endless WN debate, when I find the topic incredibly tiresome and fanciful. I did enjoy it a bit — I must admit — since his T-levels are apparently stratospheric.

  3. I have to say Dave, the Betty Ford 50s housewife attire gives the creeps, for some reason. Not to mention the cigarette smoking, it is not classy when the ladies do it.

    Pat, I’ve find these days a lot of uni feminists are split. You have your grrl power sluts, and then you have your asexual/bull dyke variety that hate [hetereosexual] sex and/or men.


    • I did notice the dress. I thought it was OK. Like I said, she has a real Dagny Taggart thing going for her.

      If this were the Fifties, you could take her glasses of, as in the movies, and say, “Why, Miss Rittelmeyer, you’re beautiful!”

      She smokes as a political statement. As I said once, apropos of another woman, on another blog, “If she were mine, I’d soon stop her smoking.”


    • “a lot of uni feminists are split”

      Not often enough, probably.


      • ROFLMAO!!!! Best joke of the week!

      • Alte, that was a joke for the chaps. You were not meant to see that. What is WN and who is Van Wijk and why do you think he has such superduper T values? And why does he have a name like some Voortrekker?

      • Oh, I didn’t want to link to today’s TTH’s blog post where he’s whining about me because then her minions would head over this way.

        WN = White Nationalism (he’s not a WN really, but I’m not sure how to characterize him)

        Van Wijk = I have no idea about the name, but he’s American and he’s often at Oz Conservative. He loves to confront everybody (spoiling for a fight) and is a bit pompous and argumentative. He’s giving me the silent treatment now, since I refused to go along with his whole Scary Black Man mantra.

  4. Alte on Pat’s posts: “…I must admit that I don’t understand most of it.”

    You’re not alone there.

    Pat: it’s probably because you imbibe a rare kind of Catholicism I like to call “Barbarian Catholicism”. The rest of you probably know it as being an incoherent drunk Irish bastard.

    Ha ha, nice one David. There’s essentially an undercurrent of feminism in modern university life in the female students. It’s not overzealous bra burning, but its a peripheral ever-lingering presence you cannot shake. Though, I will admit some of them are bloody attractive.


    • They are attractive because they are young and nubile. Noob-ile.

      Pat has written a couple of memorable things. That is the basis of Irish literature. Get horribly drunk, wake up in the morning with a “damp soul” as the Irish say, and write something amusing.

      I also liked his expression “rootmoll”.

      Johnny D, of course uni girls are feminist. However I am often surprised by how many do eventually settle down happily with their MRS degree, even today.


      • Of course, it’s no surprise that feminism thrives in the university environment, considering the amount of socialism that’s hammered into the heads of these malleable youths. There’s a good documentary on Youtube called “Indoctrinate U” about very real leftist indoctrination in US schools, luckily we are not yet at that level in Australasia(I hope).

        David, I’ve been trying to get him to drink more, but he won’t budge. I’ll keep trying.

        What’s an MRS degree?

      • A “Mrs” degree. They are, after all, still women. There is only so much you can “socially deconstruct”.

        There is a saying at very feminist, American, Smith College, I understand, LUG. Or something like that. It means “Lesbian Until Graduation”. Likewise, a lot of women are “feminist until graduation”.

  5. Posted by Gina on December 18, 2010 at 8:47 am

    LOL Christianity has plenty to say to the real world, and real Christians are tough as iron nails. But don’t be surprised that they don’t link to your shit. Irish “wit”? Don’t think so.


  6. Posted by Steve T. on December 29, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    “I could face her over the Weeties every morning.”

    I could bend her over the Weeties every morning.

    Not that I should be saying that, being a Trad Cat myself, but I am fully intact….


  7. *snorts*


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  13. Posted by Julian O'Dea on August 21, 2015 at 10:22 am

    Another video of her added to the above post on 21 August 2015. Is she perhaps developing a slight Australian accent now?


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